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Bookmakers lock poor b*stard in chemical toilet for 10 years



Bookmakers face modern slavery charges after shocking discovery of man locked in chemical toilet and forced to work on virtual racing results somewhere in the North Sea.

A shocking discovery has revealed that bookmakers forced a man to work in a floating contraption to determine virtual racing results.

Tarquin Bibby, 59, was held captive and forced to live out his days in a high-tech cubicle 46 miles off the Shetland Isles.

Beamed out every 2-3 minutes, virtual horse and dog racing is a novelty product in betting shops.

But, fearing accusations of cheating, bookmakers kept Bibby under lock and key somewhere in the North Sea.

With remote access to the Racing Field Book, Bibby selected winners that would consistently provide bookmakers with zero, or close to no payout.

Sea Lion Costume

In case anyone spotted him when venturing outside the booth for daily exercise, Bibby’s captors forced him to wear a sea lion costume.

Although Mugbet would send weekly food packages, Bibby has survived since 2003 catching fish and begging the occasional titbit from passing trawlers.

The floating booth in which Tarquin Bibby determined Virtual Racing results for bookmakers, recovered from the North Sea
The floating booth in which Tarquin Bibby determined Virtual Racing results for bookmakers, recovered from the North Sea

Trawler man Gareth Timms said: “I thought he was a porpoise. We’d chuck him the occasional mackerel and a fag. I did think it was strange when he smoked 100 B&H a day."

Captured 16 years ago, the former panel beater who was forbidden to communicate with the outside world, sobbed as he was unmasked as the face behind crooked results on bookmakers’ ‘cartoon racing’.

Trawler man Gareth Timms believed the floating office was a giant chemical toilet
Trawler man Gareth Timms thought Timms' floating office was a giant chemical toilet

Bibby said: “I was kidnapped after backing a winner in a Mugbet shop. They put a bag over my head, tasered me and I ended up in the back of a van.”

“A man in a wheelchair, wearing a mask and stroking a cat approached me before he put me in the booth. He said he would throw me in with the sharks if I refused.”


“I’m sorry for all your lost cash, but they made me do it” Bibby said as rescue services airlifted him to a secure location.

A spokesman for Mugbet said: “This is very distressing news for us."

"We will suspend all virtual racing until we can find someone else to press the buttons”

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