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“Virtual Grand National FIXED” says man who had £1 on every runner



“Virtual Grand National FIXED” says man who had £1 on every runner

Punter backed all 40 Virtual Grand National runners then claims race was FIXED when he lost.

After placing £1 on all 40 runners in the Virtual Grand National, punter Gareth Timms can’t understand why he was £21 out of pocket.

Timms said: “You’d have to be mental to bet on this sh*t. Despite backing the 18-1 winner, I’m losing my arse.

“Jockeys falling off, favourites and second favourites getting beat – this is nothing like the real thing!

“The commentator must have been reading from a script – there’s no way he could know all those names. It’s blatantly controlled by a man pressing buttons in a booth floating in the North Sea. I want a lawyer!”

“It’s a good job this is a one off and they don’t peddle this crap out every 3 minutes into their 9,000 shops…

“Just a minute…”

Bookmaker Keith Vim from Mugbet said: “It’s great that so many people new to gambling took advantage of our ‘Back the Field’ special.

“Maybe anyone who won would like to give us some or all of their winnings so we can donate it to the NHS – we’ll make sure they get it *wink.”


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