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Vegans pelt betting shop with COW PATS

Desdemona Phelps



Vegans pelt betting shop with COW PATS
Gravesend betting shop pelted with cow pats then burned to the ground by vegan protestoers after ‘Free hamburger with every bet’ giveaway

Betting giant Mugbet has been cleaning up more than usual this week after their latest betting bonanza – a ‘free hamburger with every bet’ – ruffled healthy eating activists’ feathers.

The fast food giveaway sparked fury among anti-meat group Veganghast who burned cars, effigies of bookmakers and pelted Mugbet’s Gravesend branch with cow pats.


Mugbet hoped the free food deal - giving away a Quarterounder from local Burger Man Dr Sizzle when customers staked a minimum £5 - would be a friendly gesture to the local community.

But, by angering a group of vegans, the promotion made North West Kent look like scenes from Venezuela.

Launching cow pats from cannons, burning bookmaker effigies and daubing graffiti, the meat free group staged an intimidating protest outside the Mugbet's flagship store in Kent.


Smashing windows and taking sledge hammers to the FOBT machines, the protestors lobbed cow manure at anyone in the shops.

Weekend gambler Maxwell Benson, 71, said: “It was carnage: a cow pat hit me straight in the mouth as I collected my Lucky 15. I thought it was part of the new ‘you must not win’ rules – so I ran.”

Turning their attention to the ‘Dr Sizzle’ van outside the shops, protesters started rocking the contraption until it toppled over - with proprietor Collin Thompson still inside.

“How did they manage to accumulate so much dung? I’ve never seen anything like it,” Thompson said. “I want compo.”

Vegans pelt betting shop with COW PATS

How did the protesters manage to accumulate so many cow pats?

But protester Tarquin Bibby claimed there was more to the destruction than animal rights. Bibby  said: "We're sick of all these beaten favourites and tailed off second favourites, the meat story is just an excuse."

Lettuce Chompers

Mugbet’s Keith Vim said: “Punters will get it now thanks to these lettuce chompers: they’ve caused thousands of pounds worth of damage and loads more in lost revenue.

“Our sponsored trainers and jockeys will create more beaten favourites than you could ever imagine.”

A total of 15 men and 26 women were arrested and detained by Kent constabulary. The case continues.

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