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Trainer rushed to A&E after staff brush genitals with Creosote



Trainer rushed to A&E after genitals brushed with Creosote
Prank-gone-wrong sees trainer rushed to A&E after private parts daubed with fence paint

Horse trainer Alf Archer was hospitalised last night after a case of mistaken identity resulted in his genitals being daubed with creosote.

Instead of relaxing to an episode of Gardener’s World, Archer spent the night at Gravesend General Hospital in the burns treatment unit unable to remove the smoky odour from his underpant region.

But the terrible cock paint ordeal was originally designed as an initiation ceremony for new yard apprentice jockey Dennis Mandella.

Wood Stain

In a terrible prank gone wrong, twenty-five work riders and stable staff were involved in coating who they thought was the stable newbie with the dark brown oil-based timber, shed and fence paint.

Rugby-tackling him to the floor, the practical jokers poured the distinctive sticky tar-like wood preservative over his crotch.

As he entered the tack room to perform his routine evening feed checks, Archer quickly had a bag placed over his head before being tied up with reins and a bridle.

Trainer rushed to A&E after genitals brushed with Creosote

One of the perpetrators, stable boy Gareth Timms, told the Scutter: “It was dark. We had no idea the boss was behind the door, it was a terrible misunderstanding. The new guy Dennis was our target.

“Life in the stable can be brutal for the new lads, a sort of rite of passage.

“My first day, they dunked me head first in the slurry pit and filled my socks with curry powder before setting fire to all my spare clothes.

Bookmaker Pants

But Archer was freed when the staff recognised his distinctive underwear covered in the same bookmakers betting logos that sponsor the yard.

“We only realised it was the boss when we saw his Mugbet Y-fronts – he has to wear them as part of selling his soul to the bookmakers.

“Who knows how far we would have gone if he wasn’t wearing them eh?”

The Mugbet ambassador Archer said: “I’ll tear them limb from limb. None of them will ever work in racing again.”

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