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Trainer’s Wife draws the line at Betting Logos on DUVET



Trainer's wife

Bed sheets covered in betting logos is a step too far - trainers wife protests.

Plans for Mugbet betting ambassador, National Hunt trainer Alf Archer, to have bookmaking logos plastered all over his sleeping comforter have been scuppered by wife Millicent.

While Mrs Archer has no objections to the Mugbet logos daubed on his work riders' underpants, over the office staff and around the stable cat, she has put her foot down on bedroom emblems and pyjamas.

Millicent said: “I’ve put up with Alf’s sh*t for years. Going to the races blind drunk? Why not? Shagging the stable lasses in the Premier Inn? We all need to let loose once in a while. But a King Size Mugbet duvet in our private chambers? That's unreasonable.”

Mugbet spokesman Keith Vim said: “I normally sleep in between Alf and Milly so it’s a shame we can’t get our logo in this last free spot in the house.”

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