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Trainer accidentally answers question



Trainer accidentally answers question
Interviewer gobsmacked as trainer dodges 114 questions then slips up over 'what did you have for breakfast?'

Trainer Alf Archer, who normally flinches at the sight of notepads or Dictaphones, shocked the racing world last night as he dodged all but one of the 114 questions put to him.

When asked about what he had for breakfast, Archer stunned everyone by letting slip ‘Cheerios’.

Interviewer Maxwell Benson Benson said: “I was straight in there with ‘plain or cinnamon?’

“Then he gave me some bullshit about every one of them being ‘lovely breakfasts’ that everyone was delighted with the breakfasts and that future breakfasts would be decided by a committee of breakfast decision makers.

“I just wanted to know the flavour.

Trainer Archer said: “It’s a slippery slope: first you want to know what I had to eat, then what pants am I wearing.

“If you think I’m telling you about my souped-up, first time out 17th string thrashing my 4/6 favourite, forget it mate.

“By the way, they’re cotton briefs, if you’re interested”

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