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Tipster claims ‘not being lynched by losers’ a ‘big WIN’

Desdemona Phelps



NOT being brutally murdered 'a result' thinks fake tipster.

Self-styled betting ‘guru’ Benji Kirshtort, 46, thinks that NOT being lynched after some of the rubbish he puts out is 'as good as a win'.

While Benji lets everyone know about his 1/7 winners (while conveniently forgetting about his 19 advised losers) and his 'incredible victories' (showing his betting slips doctored on Photoshop), he now goes one step further.

Surviving an angry mob of racegoers after giving out six utterly abysmal selections that all tailed off last, Benji claims making it to the end of a day alive is a total result.

Kirshtort said: "I don’t see how what I do is any different to those so-called tipsters in the racing papers, but this crowd turned on me.”

Claiming he was a ‘betting medium’, Benji entertained punters in a track-side marquee, each paying £750 per ticket.

Going into a trance and performing energetic dance routines, Kirshtort claimed his selections came to him via a giant otter called Steve.

After six utterly abysmal selections, an angry mob of punters chased tipster, Benji Kirshtort, 46, out of Chester races.
Kirshtort performed energetic dance routines in a track-side marquee, claiming his selections came to him via a giant otter called Steve.

As part of his repertoire, the total headcase claimed 'Steve' would only communicate with him ‘if he went berserk’.

“Some people will believe anything," said the eccentric tipster.

An unhappy racegoer, Helen Pew, 26, said: “He stomped up and down like a f*ckin nutter, waving his arms wildly and making dog noises. He sounded like a dingo with Tourettes”.

Racing fan, Sid Jackhammer, 50, said, “He told us we’d make the money back no problem. All he did was prance around and come up with a load of beaten favourites. So we thought: ‘Let’s kill the bastard’.”

Kirshtort said: "I ran out the tent while the last race was on.

“I knew the ice cream man on the car park, so he let me hide in his van fridge for a while.

“I’m off to Mexico now but I’ll be back at Christmas with a new routine.”

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