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Tipster suddenly ‘international racing expert’



Tipster suddenly ‘international racing expert’

With lockdown causing his income to drop, Twitter tipster Gareth Timms now believes he is the dog’s b*llocks on international racing.

Timms said: “It’s easy: harness racing is basically Ascot with wheels.

“Yesterday I didn’t know my arse from my elbow on any foreign rubbish. I’d have punched you in the face if you told me they had racing in Sweden.

“Now I’m tipping horses from parts of the world I’ve never heard of and talk about speed figures like I know what one is. Although…I swear Happy Valley is made up.”

Although he can't pronounce any of the jockeys’ names, Timms talks confidently about American racing form like he has a clue.

“Will Rogers? A doddle. Fonner? Absolutely smashing it, so please keep sending your subscription money.

Punter Ralph Bonaparte said: “Gareth’s sent out some of the worst tips imaginable.

“You know, something tells me Gareth's not the expert he says he is. He's still brags about a 3rd placed tip at Gulfstream, (when there were only three runners) and he still calls Jagersro ‘Jaegerbomb’, not in an ironic way.

“I’ll struggle to make the £28,000 tax free income he promised when I signed up.”

Timms’ grandmother Prudence says: “Gareth’s a whizz on computers and is spends hours photoshopping his bets for his thousands of internet friends.

“I wish he’d move out of my basement and find a job.”

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