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Survey shows bookmakers ‘human too’



A new survey shows bookmakers possess all sorts of human characteristics.

Gardening, watching television and emptying bins are among the human activities bookmakers enjoy when not indulging in promoting 'well-backed' rubbish that tails off last.

According to research by Scutter University, in which 30 bookmakers were interviewed, a quarter of the respondents think nothing of helping their children with homework - but only if it involves teaching them how to close winning accounts.

Surprisingly, 3% of the bookmakers questioned admit to having telephoned their mothers ‘just to see how they were getting on’ – without the promise of cash.

More than 42% of bookmakers are comfortable doing pedestrian activities, like making their beds or going to the supermarket - even if there is no prospect of ripping anyone off.

Gardening, watching television and emptying the bins are among the human activities bookmakers enjoy

Research shows bookmakers enjoy ‘normal’ activities, like gardening

The shocking new findings reveal that 10% of professional layers have at some point pegged washing out ‘for the fun of it’.

Doing the dishes, engaging in ‘small talk’ and even waving ‘hello’ to the neighbour are also featured in the top 10 list when they are not pretending horses with no chance are being ‘well backed’.

Bookmaker Keith Vim from Mugbet said: “The results are jaw-dropping.”

"People will start to think we are a soft touch - I'm cancelling all odds boost offers."

Survey shows bookmaker are human too

Bookmaker Keith Vim (above) emptying bins like a real person

Bookmaker Dik Venom, from Mugbet said: “Sometimes I like to pop those blue plastic tokens in the charity bins at the supermarket, just for a laugh.”

“After a good day of skinning punters alive, instead of ploughing through a zebra crossing the second I see an old lady put one foot on the road, I stop the car.”

“But only if we’ve had a six-figure day.”

Punter Gareth Timms said: “So bookies aren’t lizard men who drink blood, or sacrifice peoples’ pets to ensure a profitable Flat season?

"That’s f*cking mental"

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