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Steward confirms ‘explanation noted’ means ‘f*ck off’

Sherbie Johnson



Steward tells trainers explanation noted

Stewards' confirm 'explanation noted’ secret code for ‘we weren’t born yesterday mate’.

Steward Keith Vim said: "Explanation noted is a great way of saying 'you're a lying bastard'.”

“Gambling stables who win a race and give us the old ‘dog ate my homework’ excuse - please.

Wind operation’, ‘likes running left-handed’ or ‘don’t know where the cash came from, but it’s not ours’ - give it up mate.”

“Improving for the application of blinkers? Application of cash more like.

Stipendiary steward, Maxwell Benson said: “Nothing says you're full of sh*t like an 'explanation noted'.

"Don't come round here with your can’t offer any explanation’ bullsh*t, it won't wash.”

“‘Step up to 3 miles did the trick’,... might as well tell us you brought the wrong horse to the races.”

Trainer Gareth Timms said: "I got lamped with an ‘explanation noted’ after my horse was backed from 50s into 2-1 and won by 25 lengths.”

"It's catching on: my wife has even started noting my explanations whenever I'm suspiciously away at the Travelodge."



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