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Stallion tells visitors to “piss off and let me sleep”



Stallion Jimmy Jumpsuit has told a bunch of visitors to ‘piss off’.

Arguably the world’s greatest racehorse, Jimmy Jumpsuit was not feeling up to visitors after a fall out with his yard manager, telling a guided tour to “piss off and let me sleep”.

Asking Jumpsuit to ‘perk up a little for the visitors’, Scutter Farms’ Head of Operations, Gareth Timms managed to upset the prima donna, multiple Group 1 winner.

Timms told the crowds: “Jimmy says he’s going to stay in bed all day and watch Tracey Beaker on loop. I’m sorry, there’ll be no photos today.”

“While the super stallion produces great foals, his massive ego and short temper mean he’s a petulant little shit”.

Prima Donna

Speaking to The Scutter Timms said: “He’s always threatening me with the sack.”

“I put up with him drinking with his mates, his swearing and farting, but all I ask is for a little kindness.”

Stallion tells visitors to “piss off and let me sleep” The Scutter.
In no mood for socialising: Super Stallion Jimmy Jumpsuit says “its hard work shagging all day (above) friends of Jimmy Jumpsuit at Scutter Farm Stud

“We’ve given him the biggest barn, we make sure he doesn’t have to mate with any ‘ugly mares’ but it’s never enough.”

“He’s so very rude and I’ve had enough of the way he talks to me. *Sobs He’s just a f*cking arsehole”

Since retirement from the track nine years ago, Jumpsuit has sired a string of winners, including Timmy Tracksuit in Doncaster’s St Leger earlier this month.

Jimmy Jumpsuit said: “I’m in no mood for chit chat – its hard work shagging all day.”

“I wish these selfie dickheads would f*ck off and let me sleep.”

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