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Stallion tells stable tour to “p*ss off”



Stallion wanting some shut eye tells yard tour visitors to ‘piss off’  

Leading sire Jimmy Jumpsuit told a guided tour "F*ck off the lot of you. Take your selfie sticks and let me sleep.

“Yeah, us horses get looked after better than any humans – but have you tried shagging all day? It’s bloody hard work mate.

“OK, I get the biggest barn but this is my job, 24-7. I still have to mate with the ugly mares.

“I’m in no mood for chit chat. If you don’t mind...”

Head of Operations at Scutter Farms, Gareth Timms said: “I’m sorry, there’ll be no photos today. Normally, Jimmy loves the attention with adoring fans patting his neck, feeding him mints and taking selfies.

"While he is a super stallion and produces great foals, his massive ego and short temper mean he’s a petulant little shit.

“He might look like butter wouldn’t melt but he can be an arsehole at times. He’s always threatening me with the sack.

“What’s that Jimmy? Swedish massage? Coming right up.”

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