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Help for Shed-Dwelling Gambler who Downsized 16 times



shed-dwelling gambler living in an abandoned riverside chalet downsized sixteen times

Community activists launch campaign to help shed-dwelling gambler who downsized 16 times and now lives in abandoned riverside chalet

Measures are underway to find better accommodation and clothing for shed-dwelling gambler Gareth Timms, 59, who sleeps in his bathtub.

Timms sold his first home twelve years ago to pay off gambling debts, but then carried on betting.


Downsizing sixteen times, Timms has ended up living in an abandoned riverside chalet.

Community leader Tarquin Bibby said: “Gareth’s downsized 16 times now. He started off in a five bedroom house in Surrey - now he lives in a shed.”

“Sadly, stories like Gareth’s aren’t unique. We are doing what we can to help him before his shed ends up in a landfill site.”

Washing in the nearby stream, shed-dweller Timms reflects philosophically on his situation:

“Winter is a bit chilly, the wind and rain are bitter, but a life with no bets is bloody depressing.”

Launching a crowdfunding page, the local community have raised £32 to buy him a blanket.

“F*ck that” said Timms. “Just get me a scratch card.”

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