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Racing industry must ‘Clap for Bookmakers’ – say bookmakers



Racing industry must ‘Clap for Bookmakers’ - say bookmakers

Get in your gardens and clap, bookmakers tell racing industry.

As the racing world sinks slowly into oblivion with thousands fearing job losses due to the coronavirus lockdown, bookmakers have demanded a nightly slot for everyone in the industry to show their appreciation and clap.

Clapping and banging saucepans in their gardens at 4:00 am, trainers and jockeys who are paid 6-figure sums for ambassadorial roles have been the first to congratulate their bookmaker employers.

Bookmaker Dik Venom from Mugbet said: “They could have been applauding our approach to public perception or the fact that we are good and don’t act on any inside information we receive. Maybe they’re applauding the one million betting slips we sent to the NHS? Who knows?

“After all those beaten favourites and tailed off second favourites we’ve given you, it’s nice to know you admire us. Whatever the reason, it’s nice to be appreciated and to hear the racing people show us a bit of love.

“While clapping won’t pay for fast cars, strippers or second homes our trainers and jockeys need, it does make us feel warm inside.

Sponsored jockey Alf Archer said: “Please help: if I don’t clap Dik will kill me.”


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