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Racehorses to wear jousting costumes



Blind racegoers see horses in giant jousting costumes. 

The Committee for Gambling (CfG) says UK thoroughbred racing should cater for short-sighted race goers by making horses wear jousting costumes.

CfG official spokesman, Gareth Tims said: "With 10-foot numbers replacing saddle cloths, blind folk will easily see the runners.

“The days of idiots who don’t even know which horses they have bet on are over”.

However, the move has not been welcomed by everyone, with some trainers slamming the practice as 'unworkable'.

Reflecting on a trial at Chelmsford, in which a field of 12 runners took part last week, Lambourn trainer Bill Chahan said: “This is f*cking outrageous"

Thoroughbred race horses will wear jousting costumes with giant number cloths in all races in the UK to cater for the partially-blind.

Jousting costumes will show giant number cloths for partially-blind punters

“Four of them tripped over, two of them ran the wrong way and one of them had their costume blow over the jockey’s head in the wind.”

“We don’t know what happened to the other five.”

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