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Punters wait 37 mins for photo finish while judge gets bet on



Punters wait 37 mins for photo finish while judge gets bet on
‘So long suckers!’ shouts judge who landed monster bet then fled racecourse in sports car.

Judge Maxwell Benson mysteriously took 37 minutes to decide a photo finish in the opening race at Scutter Park, then fled in his sports car shouting ‘so long suckers’.

Looking certain to get the nod in the ‘head-bobbing’ finish, popular sprinter Jimmy Jumpsuit was surprisingly placed second to his 12-1 rival, Timmy Tracksuit, who appeared to lose by 6 inches.

Having started at 1.08 in the photo betting, Jumpsuit’s backers assumed he had won comfortably.

But, with floods of money for Tracksuit and the delay of forty minutes to decide the outcome, racegoers were perplexed as to what was going on.

Punter Gareth Timms said: “We heard screams and shouts from the judge’s box going ‘Yes!’, ‘You beauty’, and ‘Get in there my son’.

“We heard lots of clicking and a man shout ‘that’s got me a Porsche.’”

Racecourse manager Ralph Bonaparte said: “The shock result and unreasonable delay was definitely nothing to do with the judge needing a new kitchen or a Landrover.

“But who cares? We’re all off to the Bahamas!”

Judge Benson was unavailable for comment.

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