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Punter smashes up kitchen as French racing resumes



Man smashes up kitchen as French racing resumes
Punter smashes home up with sledge hammer after just four races

The defeat of French ‘good things’ has made recreational gambler Gareth Timms trash his kitchen, living room and betting studio before midday.

Timms said: “The defeat of Victor Ludorum by 28-1 outsider, The Summit, made me forget the excitement I’ve felt for the return to French racing in an instant.

“I’d bought a beret, put up posters of Soumillon and hung Tricolore flags in anticipation. But all that quickly vanished when the results came in 9-1, 15-2, 8-1, 16-1 and 28-1.

Man smashes up kitchen as French racing resumes

“I’ve been like a cat on hot bricks all week but after two hours and four beaten favourites I was instantly reminded of why I hate this sport so much.

Gareth’s wife Shirley Timms said: “Gareth’s gone nine weeks without smashing up the house, getting violently angry or stealing money for bets.

“It’s good to see him back to normal”

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