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Deranged gambler who played ‘punishment roulette’ with bookmaker walks free



Deranged gambler who played ‘punishment roulette’ with bookmaker walks free

Deranged gambler who played ‘punishment roulette’ with his bookmaker walks free from court.

Unhinged gambler Gareth Timms has been on trial accused of causing unnecessary suffering to a bookmaker by playing a twisted form of 'punishment roulette'.

Sicko Gareth Timms forced bookmaker Dik Venom, 59, to ‘choose his own punishment’ at an address near Perth racecourse, before spanking him for 60 hours with a rolled-up Racing Post, a court heard.

The Crown had alleged that 41-year-old Timms had ordered Mr Venom to ‘pick a number’ which corresponded to a chastisement known only to the unruly nutjob.

It was alleged that after a particularly bad losing spell last May, deranged Timms bungled Venom into the back of his Ford Fiesta and drove him to a cellar.

Pelted with Losing Slips

Crackpot Timms had been accused of playing the Skybet advert music continuously for 3 days and pelting Venom with losing betting slips.

Bookmaker Venom, who broke down giving evidence, said: “I’m still traumatised by the sight of Jeff Stelling’s gold suit.”

“The utter headcase said he wouldn’t let me go unless I could verify my identity with a passport and a utility bill – which I obviously couldn’t.”

Venom was able to escape when the vile thug passed out from exhaustion after reading the bookmaker’s terms and conditions.

Full Sympathies

But fiscal depute Tarquin Bibby dropped all the charges against the maniac at Glasgow Sheriff Court when he sympathised with his plight.

“I backed all the same losers as Wack Job Timms; therefore he has my full sympathies. Case dismissed.”

Bookmaker Venom said at first the experience made him more considerate towards punters, 'but now I hope every f*cking favourite gets beat'.

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