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Pundit ‘Win Celebrations’ definitely don’t make us look like tw*ts



William Hill celebrations after a race definitely don't make pundits look like tw*ts

William Hill TV pundits punching the air, brushing fluff off their shoulders or doing the ‘Robot’ definitely don’t make punters want to kick the screen in.

Consultant Shelley Craps said: “We looked at footballers’ goal celebrations and these animations let our pundits and punters celebrate together. They definitely don’t look like tw*ts.”

Punter Gareth Timms said: “When Andrew Thornton takes his shirt off and waves it wildly above his head, or when that teenage bloke in glasses runs forward and kisses the camera after they tipped one winner in six years, it’s a right laugh – especially when you’ve well and truly done your bollocks.”

“A thumb’s up or a cheeky wink is just the tonic I need before telling my girlfriend I lost everything and we’ll be homeless for Christmas.”

“A thumb’s up or a cheeky wink is just the tonic I need before telling my girlfriend we’ll be homeless for Christmas.”

Punter Vince Bibby said: “I must admit, when the second favourite at Chelmsford finishes last, the very thing I need is Luke Elder on the screen waving his finger like he’s got the biggest dick on the block.”

“I want to smash the shop up; its f*cking brilliant”

Pundit Clinton Banda said: “We celebrate like we’ve won the Euro Millions with sixteen Roll-Overs.”

Bookmaker Keith Vim, 57, from rival firm Mugbet, said: “You should see us bookies celebrating after getting all our favourites beaten.”

“We once jumped up and down so much, the floor collapsed.”

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