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Pundit sacked for tipping winners



Pundit sacked for tipping winners
Bookmaker sacks TV pundit for tipping winning favourite.

Gareth Timms has been sacked 1 hour into his new job as a horse racing pundit after his first tip returned a winner.

Mugbet’s Keith Vim said: “While we are delighted to have Gareth, he's mysteriously come down with a cold. A lot of happy punters have sent nice messages thanking him for the cash, but he hasn't been able to make it to race 2.

"I'm sure he'll be on the mend soon."

But the tipster told The Scutter: “I put up one 6/5 shot which won and thought what a great job.


"But, as soon as I heard the 'weighed in', a shadowy figure in a trilby and a pinstriped suit put a bag over my head and pushed me into his car boot before driving me to a disused building site.

"He hoisted me upside down from a crane and beat me with baseball bats swearing at how much I've cost him.

"So now I'm not allowed within 30 miles of the studios and have to pay back all the cash from my own bank account.

"My local MP has raised questions about my winning tips in the House of
Commons, and someone even spray painted the words ‘fuck off’ on my car bonnet."

Mugbet’s Head of Programming said: ”For the rest of the jumps season, we’ll stick with ex-jockeys who’ve been on our payrolls for years.”

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