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Bookmaker KILLED plane hijacker ‘DB Cooper’ when he won Forecast treble at Sittingbourne



‘DB Cooper cleaned up at Sittingbourne dogs so I pushed him out of plane’, says bookmaker.

The 45-year-old mystery of DB Cooper may now be solved after bookmaker Keith Vim admitted to pushing the famous fugitive out of a plane when he won a dog bet.

Mugbet’s CEO Vim, 79, from Gravesend claimed he killed the hijacker mastermind in 1971, by chucking him out of a Boeing 727 head first when he landed a Forecast treble on Sittingbourne dogs.

Vim said: “We had our bottoms smacked by Cooper too many times at the Zoo [Belle Vue dog track] and Perry Barr.  One night he landed a forecast treble at Sittingbourne when all the Trap 6’s were winning.

“Even after we fixed the dividend, he still took out a million – so we executed him.”


Vim told The Scutter the entire hijack story was made up to throw the ‘Rozzas off the scent.’

Shrouded in mystery for nearly half a century, ‘DB’, or ‘Dan Cooper’ is the folklore name given to the man who hijacked a Boeing aircraft and parachuted with an extorted fortune.

Plane hijacker ‘DB Cooper’ KILLED by bookmakers when he won Forecast treble at Sittingbourne

Jump or pushed? The body of ‘DB’, or ‘Dan Cooper’, who hijacked a Boeing 727 and parachuted with an extorted fortune has never been found.

Negotiating a $200,000 (£158,000) ransom, Cooper was never seen again when he demanded two parachutes, then jumped out of a plane.

But Cooper has never been located or identified, despite an extensive manhunt and multi-state FBI investigation spanning decades.

“The man called ‘DB Cooper’ was actually a successful gambler who loved a bet on greyhounds. In real life he was a panel beater from Kent whose real name was ‘Martin Bishop’.

"He got too successful so I chucked him out the plane by his collar."


Vim says Mugbet invented the hijacking story: “We told everyone Cooper hijacked the plane, but in actual fact he was living the high life in America on the back of all his winnings.

"I disguised myself as a waiter to get on the private jet he chartered.

“While everyone thinks he jumped out with cash and a parachute it was me who pushed him out of the cargo hatch.

‘DB Cooper cleaned up at Sittingbourne dogs so I pushed him out of plane’, says bookmaker.

Bookmaker Keith Vim (above) says he pushed DB Cooper out of a plane when he won a dog bet at Sittingbourne. According to Vim, Cooper was a panel beater from Gravesend whose real name was Martin Bishop

“The money never left the plane - we took it back to the UK and laundered it by backing loads of non-runners on Mugbet’s on-course pitches.

“We scraped his body off the rocks and took him to the Gambling Commission. No one knows what goes on inside there so it’s the best place to hide anything.”

The FBI formally suspended investigation of the case in July 2016 after Mugbet sent a lifetime supply of FOBT vouchers.

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