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Pawnbroker bookies lets you gamble with socks and underpants



Pawnbroker betting shop lets you gamble with socks and underpants
Swap your car, pet pooch or underpants and bet say owners of new Pawn Shop Bookies

Lucky Gravesend gamblers can now pop into Mugbet's new pawnbroker-style betting shop, swap their clothes, vehicles, or pets for a loan to the equivalent collateral – then place a BET.

“We’ll take anything,” says manager Keith Vim. “…car exhausts, socks & underpants, photographs of deceased relatives, your children’s artwork – you name it.”

With any material goods as a form of currency, the new Cashless service mixes a traditional pawnbroker with a betting shop.

If the loan is repaid in the contractually agreed timeframe - typically 1 hour - the item may be repurchased at its initial price plus interest.

Shirt Off Your Back

“You know what it’s like: you’ve done your bollocks, you’ve got no cash and there’s a dead cert running in the next. Your mate won’t give you any money because he’s skint too.

“Write your bet out as normal and head down to the Goods Exchange Window. We’ll literally have the shirt off your back – with commission on top of course.”

“What’s more exhilarating than knowing you’ll have to walk home stark naked if you lose?”

Gamblers in Gravesend, Kent can bet with socks, underpants or car exhausts at Mugbet's new Pawnbroker-style bookies
Goods Exchange

Winning punters do not have to accept cash on a successful bet, but instead can go home with someone else’s ‘lost’ goods.

Punter Gareth Timms, who experienced the new style pawnbroker bookies, said:

“I gave them the keys to my ice cream van and left with a bag of potatoes.

“I wanted the ‘reconditioned fridge’, which, to me, looked suspiciously like a wardrobe.”

Harry Bore, bookmaking Mugbet spokesman said: “Business is going well: some bloke had a bad day on the roulette machines, so he traded in his German shepherd. Say hello to Collin! He loves it here don't you boy?”

“Please can I go home?” said Collin.


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