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Nutter who smashed up shops puzzled by ban



Local ‘Samaritan’ banned from every betting shop in the world for smashing up emporiums in Exeter and Torquay.

Banned from all betting shops for life, nutter, William Pondskum, 40, claims his energetic race routines ‘help others win’ by shouting, running and throwing stuff about.

A perplexed Pondskum said: "Those horses wouldn’t have won if I wasn’t shouting or whacking my shoe on the side of the screen.

“I don’t get why everyone is so angry; I’m just a kind bloke. It was only a few tellies."

Reduced to Rubble

Long races, like 3 mile 7 furlong cross country chases are his favourite, but see shops reduced to rubble.

“To get a better jump I throw chairs and flip tables over. I shot one unlucky bloke’s Cornish pasty across the room in a Champion Hurdle.”

Banned from betting shops for life, William Pondskum, 40, got carried away trying to 'help others win’ by shouting, running and throwing stuff about.

Banned from betting shops for life, nutter William Pondskum, 40, and his energetic race routines reduced his local bookmakers to rubble

Punters, however, are full of praise for the friendly Samaritan: “Once you say ‘go on’ to the horses on the screen he’s off. Sometimes we set him off for the fun of it.”

Mugbet Manager Greg Smirke said, “This bloody lunatic threw a glass ashtray through the screen and all the pictures went off.  Smoke was bellowing out of the TV, and no one saw the end of the race. The horse still won!”

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