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Man tries to bet with Nectar Points



Nectar ‘millionaire’ ran out of cash so tried to bet with supermarket loyalty points.

Nectar ‘millionaire’ bet with supermarket loyalty points after running out of cash.

Gareth Timms blew all his cash betting on Will Rogers Downs and Gulfstream during the COVID-19 lockdown, but had a novel way of escaping the boredom.

After his wife Sheila won 1 million Nectar Points he decided to see if bookmakers would accept the supermarket loyalty points as payment.

Timms said: “I can use them at Argos, and to rent Sky Movies - so why not for Nottingham dogs? Sheila won’t miss a few.”

While no sane bookmaker would accept the imaginary currency, one betting firm snapped up the offer.

“Mugbet took them no trouble, but all winning payments are converted into new bookie loyalty points which are only accepted in pawn shops and strip clubs. Lucky for me eh?”

Keith Vim from Mugbet said: “Now I’ve got Gareth’s Nectar millions I can I visit Sainsbury’s and feel like Richard Pryor in Brewster’s Millions.

"Anyone want a meal deal?"

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