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Man spends entire lockdown trapped in betting shop



Man spends entire lockdown trapped in betting shop
Punter trapped in Gravesend betting shop after falling asleep on sh*tter.

There’s nothing like spending an hour down the betting shop, doing a monkey on Luck of the Irish slots or some 50-length held-up American beaten favourites.

But the Friday after Cheltenham is a trip to Mugbet bookmakers that punter Gareth Timms won’t forget in a hurry.

When COVID-19 forced all retail outlets to close, panel beater Timms from Gravesend, Kent became a virtual prisoner in his local bookies.

Timms said: “I must have nodded off when I popped to the shitter.

“Next thing I know, the screens and commentaries go off and I’m sitting in the dark, trousers round my ankles.

Timms, who has been to many pub lock-ins was jubilant to begin with.

“At first, I thought yes! Friday night down the Newt except with no booze, quizzes or dartboard.

“But with no phone signal or charger I thought ‘hello’. What's going on here?.”

Timms kept warm setting fire to Racing Posts in a metal dustbin and survived by eating instant coffee, dried milk and Bovril.

“I wore Mugbet staff uniforms as a fresh change of clothes and tried to keep sane by switching the Mugbet TV screens on. To be honest the presenters fumbling their way through tipping losers at Will Rogers and Gulfstream drove me even more insane.

However, Mugbet’s area manager, Keith Vim - who came to do a float check on the 2p coins - eventually discovered the captive Timms.

“At first I thought we were being robbed by a long-haired, bearded homeless looking guy.

“But then I remembered locking that f*cker Timms in after he won a 13p bet.

“Don't worry, I emptied him out into the skip with all the bin bags.”

Meanwhile, Gravesend City council have issued a prohibition order forcing the betting shop to shut and are reviewing the licence after allegedly breaching the lockdown regulations.

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