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Man scoops jackpot after putting cheese slices into roulette machine



Angry punter loads roulette machine up with cheese slices – then WINS jackpot TWICE

A disgruntled punter won two slot jackpots by loading up the note reader mechanism with processed cheese slices.

After repeatedly losing to the ‘Luck of the Irish’ slots game in his local Mugbet shop, Gareth Timms went berserk, but had a novel way of exacting his revenge.

Timms said: “I blew £328 in six hours on the slot betting terminals, even with the new £2 per spin restriction”.

“I was so angry, but I’m not a violent man so I reached for my shopping and pulled out a pack of 10 processed Kraft slices.”

“I shouted ‘I’ll show you’ and put them all in like they were £20 notes.”

To his disbelief, Timms was credited with £60, which he set to auto spin and scooped two consecutive £500 jackpots.

It wasn’t until manager Dik Venom came to cash up for the night that he found smoke coming from the machine.

“Whoever said processed cheese was bad for your health?” said Venom.

Bookmakers however have not seen the funny side. Mrs Claire Simon from Mugbet said:

“This is an outrage - these cheese slices lead to betting shops losing vast sums of money in minutes and render our lovely high street bookies unprofitable.”

“Cheese slices are addictive and cause harm to the levy for horse racing, putting thousands of people out of jobs.”

“Reducing the maximum number of cheese slices sold in shops to ‘one per customer’ is a simple measure and one which can be done quickly without another three month consultation.”

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