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Man sacked for shouting ‘COME ON!’ at computer screen



Man sacked for shouting ‘come on’ at computer screen
“Betting had nowt to do with it,” says call centre worker sacked for shouting ‘COME ON’ at computer screen.

Sacked Gareth Timms explained that screaming ‘come on!’ at his work screen and repeatedly pressing ‘refresh’ was about the loading speed of his slow computer - and ‘f*ck all to do with betting.’

Timms could not, however, explain CCTV footage of him shouting ‘get in there my son’ or smashing a keyboard against a concrete pillar while cursing ‘useless jockey’.

He was also unable to clarify why, on a separate occasion, he ran around the office waving his finger celebrating as if he had scored a winning goal in the FA cup final.

Sequestering his betting accounts, human resource manager Ruth Crapper said:

“We’ve tallied up his wins and losses with his work call logs: he was excessively nice after a big win but would get violently angry with callers when he lost.”

Man sacked for shouting ‘come on’ at computer screen

Customer, Alf Archer said: “I called up to send a fridge back and this nutter threatened to KILL me. I decided to keep it in the end – it still doesn’t work.”

Co-worker Tarquin Bibby said: “One day Gareth came in driving a new Audi. He said he’d saved up - and that the hundreds of pounds the entire office gave him every week intended for the Euro Millions for the last couple of years, was totally unconnected.”

Absent During Cheltenham

Timms’ catalogue of absences coincided perfectly with Cheltenham, the Randox Health Grand National, the Scottish Grand National, the Craven Meeting, the Guineas, the Dante, Royal Ascot, the Punchestown festival, the Killarney festival, the Galway Festival, the Listowel festival, and the St Leger Meeting.

“It was easier to say when Gareth was at work,” Crapper said.

At his first disciplinary Timms said he was absent a lot because he just ‘couldn’t shake off a persistent cold’, yet he was seen smoking cigars and drinking beers on ITV Racing at York.

“Timms said: "That’s my twin brother, er, Mike. He’s very shy and that's why no one’s ever met him.”

“Just a minute…get in there Frankie!”

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