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“Someone’s got to pay” says man who blew £90 on roulette



“Someone’s got to pay” says man who blew £90 on roulette

A man who played roulette and blew £90 in 16 minutes wants his money back

Office worker Gareth Timms, 26, blew his hard-earned £90 trying to win the jackpot after logging into online roulette on his lunch break.

While there was nothing to stop him winning, Timms thinks just about everyone in the world should pay for his mistakes.

“Thirty meal deals gone in a few clicks!” said Timms, “I want a lawyer.”

“It’s definitely not my fault – the semi-naked babes kept telling me I could win £500.”

“I’m going on hunger strike till I get my cash back – or at least till three o’clock.”

Co-worker Tarquin Bibby said: “Gareth’s always telling us he’s a pro and counts cards like Rain Man.”

“One time security took him to a dark room in the casino and broke all his hands with a sledge hammer – he was in work the next day. What a legend!”

Timms’ mum, Natalie said: “I’ll pay this time but Gareth knows he shouldn’t bet. He’s been getting his own way since he was five.”

Gareth’s father Keith said: “We probably weren’t firm enough with him when he set fire to his little sister’s Sylvanian Families.”

“I mean it now – we’re locking him in the garden shed tonight with no tea.”

“Did he say 500 pound jackpot? Gareth? What’s your password son?”

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