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Bookmaker declares emptying Luck of the Irish slots ‘essential service’



Luck of the Irish slots ‘essential service’, bookmaker claims

"Forget key workers, emptying ‘Luck of the Irish’ slot machines is ‘essential’ to US" – betting giant says.

Mugbet has declared emptying the ‘Luck of the Irish’ slot machines of cash an ‘essential service’, especially for bookmakers’ wellbeing.

Keith Vim, head of communications said: “Forget your NHS and supermarkets, THIS is an essential service - to US.

"There’s nothing like opening the note counter and pulling out a 3-inch wad. We bookmakers need the clanking of coins like Andy Dufresne needed Mozart in the music scene in Shawshank.

“Do you know how long I’ve sat in my living room watching Call the Midwife?”

While the Government has told the public to resist any temptation to visit beauty spots or holiday homes over Easter, Mugbet insists a visit to their Gravesend outlet for a spin on the ‘luckies’ would be OK.

”We absolutely value the well-being of our citizens and of our NHS, that’s why we’re lifting all staking restrictions and letting them bet up to £10, 000 per spin on our super-high-speed electronic slot machines.

Mugbet has assured punters that the government rules were being “strictly followed” at their Gravesend outlet with betting terminals kept 2 metres apart and only 67 customers permitted at any one time.

“Health workers can qualify for a 6p bonus when they lose ten grand.”

“So that you don’t leave the house more than needed, why not incorporate a visit to our shop into your daily walk? Bring tons of reddies.”

Punter Gareth Timms said: “It’s 8:30 am and I’m already skint. Taking my chances with the corona might be a soft option given the wife thinks I popped out for shopping.”

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