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Loose horse charging at 40 mph no match for idiot flailing arms



Loose horse no match for idiot flailing arms

Total idiot believes he’s mastered the art of stopping a loose horse charging at 40 mph with arm-waving technique. 

No UK race meeting would be complete without a horse bolting to the start or hundreds bellends trying to catch them waving their arms or bits of paper.

But, while flapping about has never ever resulted in the capture of a 450 Kg loose racehorse charging at 40 mph, white flag man Gareth Timms, 65, thinks he has got the knack.

Timms said: “Bringing loose horses to a stop is a tough job. Rookie ground staff piss about standing like scarecrows or pretend to be aeroplanes when a horse gets free.

“But how does an expert like me do it? Tranquilizers? Trip wires? I don't think so.

“I wave my arms about like a complete mad man.

"They sprint off, do 13 laps of the track and eventually wear themselves out - after 50 minutes or so."

Racehorse Jimmy Jumpsuit said: “When we're in the starting stalls, my mates egg me on to get under the stalls and do a runner. I can’t resist.

"I run to the top, then all the way back down, then back to the top again. It's so much fun!

“Although it’s really sad to see poor humans think they can stop a one-ton charging beast like me with their little arms and a handkerchief, I can't stop it.

“All they have to do is put a strip of tape across the track and we won't budge. By Jesus, that's some sorcery!"

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