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Jockey sacked for winning race



Jockey Sacked for Winning Race

Jockey sacked by his bookmaker for winning the race they sponsor.

Betting giant Mugbet has sacked their betting ambassador jockey Alf Archer for WINNING a race they sponsor.

His instructions had been to hold up the 6-4 favourite and get into trouble, but Anderson was able to avoid a cluster of runners to win the Winners Not Welcome at Mugbet Listed Stakes by two lengths.

Keith Vim of Mugbet said: "His betting blog said he had a good chance of winning. Some punters followed his advice and won as much as 30 quid - so we've sacked him.

"Rest assured Archer was beaten senseless with Racing Posts and forced to endure watching several episodes of Call the Midwife. I'm glad it hurt."

Mugbet's net profits, after tax and operating expenses, were down dramatically the second quarter of this financial year to a ten-year low of £2.6 billion.

Archer's whereabouts since the win remain a mystery.

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