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Jockey sacked for not swerving



Jockey sacked for not swerving

Jockey Alf Archer was sacked for not swerving into other riders, it has emerged.

Finishing second, popular jockey Alf Archer was sacked as retained rider to Scutter Holdings for not swerving and hindering the eventual winner, Jimmy Jumpsuit.

Hitting the front one furlong from home in the 4/9, Get 2/5 instead with Mugbet Boosting Your Odds Down Handicap at Chelmsford, Archer maintained a straight line, permitting the eventual winner to pass up his inside.

While ‘swerving’ – the deliberate steering of a horse in the lead to hamper a horse behind – results in the disqualification of a winning or placed horse in every other jurisdiction in the world, it is completely accepted in UK races.

A heated argument broke out in the winners’ enclosure between Jimmy Jumpsuit’s owner, Darren Bibby and his retained rider Archer over his failure to deliberately impede the horses behind him.

Bibby said: “Jockeys swerve here every day. What was this f*ing idiot doing? Everyone explains it all away as ‘wandering about’, ‘running off a true line’ or ‘greenness’.”

The jockey reflected about the losing the retained position:

“I thought I was doing the right thing by riding safely and not endangering the lives of the other runners and riders, but obviously that’s how they want us to ride here.”

“I hope he changes his mind because I love the extra cash.”

Archer has partnered some of Scutter Holding’s more high-profile winners in recent seasons, including Crunk Muffler, Wunder Tripe and Willy Wetsuit.  

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“Weren’t we supposed to lose?” horse asks jockey



“Weren’t we supposed to lose?” horse asks jockey
Mugbet furious as betting ambassador jockey Alf Archer wins race causing £30 payout

Furious bookmaking firm Mugbet have slammed their betting ambassador jockey Alf Archer for winning a race – causing them to pay out as much as £30.

While Archer was held up 40 lengths detached from the field in the ‘Lose Twenty Grand with Mugbet get 6p in free bets’ 2 mile handicap hurdle, drama unfolded as his nine opponents either fell or ran out – leaving him as the only finisher.

Winning horse Jimmy Jumpsuit said: “We were 7-2 second favourite so I’m sure we were meant to finish last, but what do I know?”

Taking on the morning racing television programme her firm sponsors, Mugbet’s head of Communications, Mrs Claire Simon said: “Archer still hasn’t got the message: we pay him sh*t loads of cash, but he still thinks he should win.

“Torture is now an option.”

“We haven’t decided yet but forcing him to sit through a whole hour of one of our betting shop TV pundits drivel on about “well backed” runners seems a good place to start.”

Archer said: “Please, anything but that – give me thumb screws or waterboarding, I promise to change.”

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Jockey sacked for winning race



Jockey Sacked for Winning Race
Jockey Alf Archer has been sacked by his bookmaker for winning the race they also sponsor.

Mugbet have sacked their betting ambassador jockey Alf Archer for WINNING a race they sponsor.

His instructions had been to hold up the horse and get into trouble, but Anderson was able to avoid a cluster of runners to win the £250,000 guaranteed Mugbet Stakes on the 6-4 favourite by two lengths.

Some bookmakers laid bets on the winning horse, paying out as much as £30.

“What a f*ckin clown,” said Keith Vim of Mugbet.

“His betting blog said he had a good chance of winning. He’s not supposed to actually go and win it.”

While jockeys are paid by bookmakers for their promotional blogs and marketing material, riders who follow through and win races on favourites and second favourites seem to miss the point.

“What’s the f*ckin point in having a jockey who actually wins races?” Dik Venom, Mugbet CEO said.

“My annual bonus is suffering. Worst of all is Archer is giving the impression that the short-priced runners have got a chance. It’s a f*cking outrage!”

The affected bookmaker’s net profits, after tax and operating expenses, were down the second quarter of this financial year to a ten-year low of £2.6 billion.

Archer was unavailable for comment.

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Bookies pelt naked jockeys with horse MANURE



professional jockeys pelted naked with horse manure by bookmakers in betting ambassador initiation ceremony
‘Betting ambassador initiation got a bit out of hand’ say bookmaking chiefs who pelted naked pro jockeys with horse MANURE.

Jockeys Alf Archer and Tarquin Bibby were admitted as Mugbet’s new betting ambassadors after 20 bookmaking chiefs pelted them naked with clumps of horse manure in a secret initiation ceremony.

However, a local resident caught the embarrassing ‘hazing’ scenes on camera in an Aldi carpark.

Returning from a shopping trip on her mobility scooter, Mavis Tibbs, 79, and her daughter Prudence, 53, were horrified to see the naked riders pursued across the adjacent field by a jeep of ‘suited spivs in trilbies’.

Dirty Secret

While commercial partnerships allow professional riders or trainers to be paid by a bookmaker in return for blog or promotional material, the ritual initiation to the programmes has always been kept secret.

Mrs Tibbs said: “These poor lads were stark bollock naked trying to take shelter from the evil men who were chucking bundles of horse muck at them. Everything was plastered,” said Mrs Tibbs, wiping her glasses.

Punters to Blame

But both parties agreed that ‘punters were to blame’ after it emerged that a racegoer allegedly suggested the idea to the bookmaker ‘as a joke’.

Mugbet’s Keith Vim said: “On this occasion, we didn’t have enough treacle, bees, fireworks or the correct number of garden forks for the usual admittance ceremony.

“So, given that we were outside the racecourse, horse sh*t was in abundance. We just let them have it. ”

Jockey Alf Archer said: “We’re so privileged to get wads of cash for such pointless blogs – PELT US EVERY DAY!”

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