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Facial hair banned as jockey gets beard trapped in stalls



Racing authorities ban facial hair as jockey gets beard trapped in starting stalls.

Popular jockey Alf Archer, who is known for his creative facial hair, may now be clean shaven after a terrible accident saw his beard get trapped in the starting stalls.

The trendy jock let out a yelp of agony after his chin hair was ripped clean off when it became snagged in the stalls and his horse bolted off with the rest of the field at 40 mph.

Riding top sprinter, Jimmy Jumpsuit, hipster Archer was thrown face-first into a hinge mechanism when Jimmy lunged forward in the stalls just before the ‘Free Bets With Mugbet You’re Having a Laugh Ain’t Ya?’ handicap started.

Stalls handler Gareth Timms said: "There was a shuffling about, then a bang, then a lot of giggles, then the stalls opened and we heard a tearing noise. It sounded like someone had ripped their trousers."

While it has been permissible – albeit unpopular – for a jockey to wear a beard, Archer’s accident will mean all facial hair will be banned with immediate effect.

Popular jockey Alf Archer got his beard trapped in the starting stalls

Archer's Wife Gladys said: “He is having surgery and will be out of action for at least 6 months.

"I've always told him he looks like a prize bellend with this 'strappy' beard, perhaps now he will listen.

Stipendary steward, Tarquin Bibby said: “While we wish Archer a speedy recovery, I hope he has learned his lesson.

“Beards will now have no place in racing and will be confined to hostages, university lecturers and naval captains.”

Jimmpy Jumpsuit said: “That will teach the bastard.”

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