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‘Jockey a lying bastard’, horse says



‘Jockey a lying bastard’, horse says
Horse says jockey ‘full of sh*t’ after rider claims swerving into rivals was ‘horse’s fault’.

Racehorse Jimmy Jumpsuit has hit out at his ‘lying bastard’ jockey after he explained swerving into rivals was all his horse’s fault when quizzed by stewards.

Blaming Jumpsuit for not keeping a straight line, jockey Alf Archer swerved violently across the track to deliberately impede his rivals at Scutter Park on Saturday.

Starting off in stall 1, Jumpsuit and his rider shot across the track 76 metres sideways to hamper the only horse that presented a challenge to him, Timmy Tracksuit, drawn in stall 34.

But, popular sprinter Jimmy was wild with rage. Jumpsuit told The Scutter: “Load of f*cking bollocks mate. Archer told ME to do it – he’s ‘full of sh*t’

“I’ll give you fifty quid for every swerving horse you can see that doesn’t have a fast-finishing rival blasting up his inside.

“Do you ever see a horse in last place veering sideways? Or when he's ten lengths clear?

“He lies to his wife about going to the Travelodge on a Thursday so I guess he'll say anything.”

Accepting Archer’s claim that there was ‘nothing he could do’, the race day stewards handed out a one-race ban, a £17.50 fine and an ‘explanation noted’.

Jumpsuit reflected magnanimously on the matter: “I’ll get my own back - I’ll bolt when we’re crossing the Newmarket road on the morning gallops and see if I can get a bus to hit him.”

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