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How to Deal with Losing Runs



Professional Layabout Ricky Tibbs gives practical advice for how to deal with losing runs.

A lot of you have written in asking me how to deal with losing runs. “How do you deal with losing runs that go on forever Ricky?” Mavis from Cork asked.

There’s nothing better than the times in your life where you just can’t stop winning, where even the traffic warden smiles and tells you ‘I haven’t put the ticket in the system, please drive on’ or a blob of bird sh*t lands on a bookmaker’s car. But how do you deal with really bad losing runs?

Here are some tips and hints that might help you out in the aftermath of a horrendous betting patch. Regular emailer Dave from Dagenham reminded me of a few lines from the poem ‘If’:

Keeping Your Head

If you can make one heap of all your winnings

And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,

And lose, and start again at your beginnings

And never breathe a word about your loss

If you’re wondering how to deal with losing runs you’ve probably reached the point where you risked everything on ‘one turn of pitch-and-toss’. Is that an arcade game? Anyway, my specialist advice is all down to how you save cash after a horrendous betting patch.

Keeping your head when all about you are losing theirs? Kipling clearly never blew his last monkey on a second favourite in a Class 6 at Chelmsford; certainly not one that tailed off last anyway.

We’ve all been there having to start again at our beginnings, well and truly done our bollocks and there’s no more betting for a while. A strategy for getting about and finding food for the next week is much more helpful than poetry.

Transport: Bin Lorry Bonanza
Professional Layabout Ricky Tibbs gives practical advice for how to deal with losing runs.
Getting about might be difficult if you’ve blown all your cash so try to ride on the back of bin lorries

For transport, getting about might be difficult if you’ve blown all your cash. Taxis and buses are a definite no-no so try to ride on the back of bin lorries. If you live out of town, they always stop every now and then so it’s really easy to get into a city centre for free.

It’s a good idea to know which day of the week they pop into your area. Mine is on a Thursday. Of course, you are at the mercy of the bin lorry man if he decides to see a friend 16 miles out of town – via the motorway.

Deranged gambler who played ‘punishment roulette’ with bookmaker walks free

If this happens, simply ‘roll off’ the back of the lorry when he stops and say you got ‘caught up in the mechanism’. Trust me this always works. Chances are you will be invited into his friend’s house for a pat down and a cup of tea – maybe even a hot shower.

Hotel Lobbies

This week I tried the hotel lobby plan. Hotel lobbies are my favourite. What could go wrong?

Professional Layabout Ricky Tibbs gives practical advice for how to deal with losing runs.
Ricky Tibbs, Professional Layabout, says hotel lobbies are an excellent place to hang out.

It’s important on a terrible losing run when money is tight to have up to five hotels in different ends of town.

Whatever you do don’t use a hotel that is directly next door to the one you are currently scrounging from because most of the porters meet up in the same betting shops.

Definitely, don’t pick a hotel near to where you live either because they may even know you.

It’s amazing how easy it is to walk into a hotel lobby: walk in, sit down, maybe pull out a laptop, or start pretending to write an email on your phone. So that’s what I did. No one will question anyone doing ‘serious’ work.

By ‘serious work’ I mean talking about emails and meetings. That’s all work really is – emails and meetings: 

Professional Layabout Ricky Tibbs gives practical advice for how to deal with losing runs.
Hotel lobbies are a great place to take shelter and get free sandwiches if you pretend to do some work.

“Did you get the email?”

“No, what was it about?”

“The meeting.”

“Email me”

“Will we need a meeting about the meeting?”

“What about a meeting about the email after the meeting which we’ve all been emailed about?

“You’ve lost me. Just send an email.”

Where was I? A pretend phone conversation peppered with mentions of emails and meetings always swoons the pretentious waiters. A knowing wink to accompany the mention of ‘emails and meetings’, followed by a brief look to the sky, is particularly good on mothers looking for a prospective son-in-law. If nothing it gives off the correct ‘importance’ vibes, as opposed to ‘f*cking freeloading scrounger’ vibes.

Most hotel lobbies will have wifi, tea, coffee and a Racing Post

You should definitely pick up one of the free papers in the racks. There’s always a Racing Post behind the counter if some other scrounger with an identical plan hasn’t beat you to it. Look around; you will be able to spot them: the other 1%’ers. They will look you straight in the eye, worrying whether they will get caught. Bloody scroungers!

Lunch: Tea Trolleys & Conference Rooms

Sit there long enough and hotel people will give you tea, coffee, orange juice or water with lemon in it. If they don’t, you should ask for one to be added to your tab; everyone has tabs. If you don’t have a tab you might end up looking like a scrounger.  

However, if they ask how you want to pay, always say you are in ‘Room Two Hundred and…something’. Never say you are on the ground floor as this is only a short walk away from the lobby. If you were (or the person you are pretending to is) on the second floor, there’s always the issue of lifts and stairs, which will give a scrounger plenty of time to make a nonchalant getaway.

After an hour in this hotel lobby a suited chap walks over and says:

“Excuse me, sir…” (I’m ready for him to chuck me out).

“Can I get you a sandwich?” A sandwich! This plan is going well. Make sure you pop in around lunchtime. Usually, after a few days, they will have a plate of sandwiches saved for you.

Man scoops jackpot after putting cheese slices into roulette machine

Moreover you may be able to find a tea trolley with biscuits for the conference rooms. Take an empty satchel to fill up with sachets of custard creams or jam rings – they always stack boxes that have packs of three piled high.

Evening Meals

If all else has failed and you have exhausted that group of friends generosity at mealtimes one too many times, or if they are pretending to be out (when really you can see them hiding behind the washing machine) or if you have ‘popped around’ too often to the local priest, drastic measures are needed.

Professional Layabout Ricky Tibbs gives practical advice for how to deal with losing runs.
Some old hotels with lax security may well let you wander upstairs.

Now, I’ve never tried this one, but my good friend Tony Titt, writer at that magnificent publication, The Scutter, assures me this is only to be used in the event of an emergency.

Tony says it is always a good idea to volunteer to dish out the food down at the Homeless Shelter – they don’t know that you might be just as hungry as they are if you’ve done your money so badly that a trip to the supermarket is definitely off the cards.

In any case, you can help yourself to a meal under the guise of ‘testing out’ the food to ‘make sure it isn’t poisoned’. Explain to them that you might need to test the food several times just to make sure the poison isn’t slow to kick in.

Baths and Showers

If you’re feeling very adventurous try popping up the stairs in a hotel or if they have those annoying security cards, ‘glide’ in with another party who are just getting in the lift. Timing is absolutely essential.

If things are really bad and, for instance you need to save money on electricity and heating – some old hotels with no electronic key cards have lax security may well let you wander upstairs. Just say you’re looking ‘for John’. You might be able to run a bath.

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