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Horse swallowed grenade then blew up stable after massive sh*t



Horse swallowed grenade then blew up stable after sh*t
Bookmaker prime suspect in popping WW2 grenade into feeding trough that blew up stable when horse went for 6pm evening sh*t.

There are few horses luckier than eight year-old gelding Jimmy Jumpsuit.

But his good fortune is nothing to do with winning the Grand National or helping his owner lift the Cheltenham Gold Cup.

‘Jimmy’ is lucky to be alive after accidentally eating a live Second World War hand grenade that blew up his stable after the deadly weapon passed through him and exploded as he took his regular 6 PM evening shit.

Lucky Jim

Ravenous Jimmy loves chomping on his favourite Cox Pippins for breakfast and eats them three at a time.

Jimmy Jumpsuit said: “I’m a sucker for apples and must have wolfed it down whole without thinking.”


Horse swallowed grenade then blew up stable after sh*t

MIRACLE: 'Lucky' Jimmy Jumpsuit survived blowing up his stable after eating a live grenade then pooping it out 24 hours later  

At first it was assumed that trainer and former army Captain Alf Archer accidentally let one of his grenades fall into Jimmy's trough.

However, stable insiders told the Scutter that bookmaker Keith Vim from Mugbet (arch rival and nemesis to the yard’s sponsors, Simple Bet) hatched an evil plan to detonate the popular chestnut chaser after sparkling workouts ahead of a big race.

Dirty Bomb

It wasn’t until 24 hours later that the true contents of his previous night’s meal became apparent when Jimmy came to relieve himself on a strip of grass by his stable.

“I cocked my tail as normal, had a good sh*t and walked off - then boom! Wheelbarrows catapulted 17 metres into the air, the exercise walker blown to smithereens and a thin film of manure coating everything, everywhere.

“Sorry about that.”

“Next thing I know the bomb squad burst down the door and fire engines start blasting me down with foam.

While Jimmy escaped with a scorched mane and singed hooves, the same could not be said for the training establishment.

The blast ripped through the bookmakers’ betting logos that adorn the yard and tragically, obliterated Archer’s Ford Fiesta.

“I shouldn’t be here, so while my good luck's in, let’s go and win that race,” said Jumpsuit.

Keith Vim was unavailable for comment.


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