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Mensa confirms horse has higher IQ than Jockey



Mensa Confirms Racehorse Jimmy jumpsuit with an IQ of 160 is smarter than his jockey
Eight year-old chaser with 160+ IQ horse equivalent of Rain Man

The exclusive Mensa society confirmed race horse Jimmy Jumpsuit is now among the world’s cleverest after completing two supervised IQ tests.

Scoring 160, the 8-year old chaser 'Jimmy' is officially cleverer than Carol Vorderman, and on a par with Einstein, Steven Hawking and Sylvester Stallone.

Dr Gareth Timms, Mensa IQ coordinator said:  “With the so-called genius benchmark at 140, Jimmy is the horse equivalent of Rain Man.”

Jockey Maxwell Benson said: “He’s always using long words I don’t understand, which probably explains why he hasn’t won a race yet.”

By the time he was a yearling he could speak six languages, including Latin and Ancient Greek, and give his trainer financial advice.

Trainer Alf Archer said: “He might not be the best chaser, but he can complete a tax return in about six minutes.”

“When he was little, he used to get shunned by all the other foals and called ‘geek’. Now he sits in his shed plotting their downfalls.”

Stablemate, Timmy Tracksuit said: “Because he’s so clever he works out where we have to finish to get the best tricasts up, but his instructions were too complicated for us.

"He said we’re ‘useless thickoes’ and gave up racing to learn quantum mechanics.”

Jimmy Jumpsuit said: “It's true, I’m a genius. But, while I see the beauty in calculus and the golden ratio, I’d much rather be chomping on grass and rolling in mud – if you don’t mind.”

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