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Punter flummoxed by friendly betting shop staff



punter flummoxed by friendly betting shop staff

Punter totally baffled as friendly betting shop staff member says "hello".

When unemployed dog punter Gareth Timms, 49, visited his local Mugbet betting shop, a pleasant, friendly member of staff greeted him with a smile.

“I nearly sh*t myself,” said the dumbfounded Timms. “When I walked in the young lass behind the counter looked up and smiled.

"‘Hello’ she says.

“I wondered whether she wanted to check if I was stealing the Racing Post? Or was I pinching the free biscuits and sh*tty coffee? She just said 'lovely day isn't it'.”

"I nearly spontaneously human combusted!"

Man scoops jackpot after putting cheese slices into roulette machine

Keith Vim, Mugbet’s retail spokesman said: “While our industry is built on scowling and treating punters with the contempt they deserve, sadly some of our staff may well slip through the net.

“The young lady was new but soon she’ll be smoking at the counter, telling punters to f*ck off, or accusing them of being on the dole.

“If she does end up serving them, she will do so with a hot dog in one hand and a Cornetto in the other. They will f*cking wait till she's finished eating them.”

The pleasant cashier in question, Shelley Craps, told The Scutter: “I was just being nice, but I’ve been on a training course to hate every single one them.

“My manager said try to feel good about paying my mortgage off from these sad losers' bets that have gone down, and he's given me a pamphlet called ‘Dealing with Vermin’.

"What's a forecast?"

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