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Man locked out of betting account for 217 years – by CHICKEN



Pet chicken Penelope locks owner out of betting account by entering incorrect pass-codes with BEAK

Dutch Bantam hen, Penelope has locked her owner out of his betting account for 217 years.

Mugbet's online accounts freeze for 1 minute after five incorrect codes, 10 minutes after a sixth incorrect code, 20 minutes for a a seventh, and so on.

BUT, repeatedly pecking his iPad screen for half an hour with her beak, Penelope locked Timms out of his account for 1.9 million hours, 79,205 days – or 217 years.

A spokesman for Mugbet said:

Penelope the chicken locked her owner out of his betting account after she repeatedly pecked his iPad screen, entering a string of incorrect pass-codes.
Penelope the chicken locked owner Gareth Timms out of his betting account for 217 years

“We can unfreeze Timms' account in 2226, but coz he was in profit there's f*ck all we can do.”

Penelope, who has completely vanished since the incident, has been much missed by young Timmy Timms, aged 5.

“Daddy says the chicken has gone to join mummy, who left with Uncle Roger to live in Leeds.”

Gareth Timms said: “I was on a bloody good winning spree.

“Still, we'll have a nice casserole tonight”

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