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Bookmakers launch Cash for Trainers Christmas appeal



Cash for trainers in new Christmas charity appeal

Bookmakers charity appeal lets Boxing Day punters chuck money in bucket to pay trainers.

Instead of losing on one of their beaten favourites, punters can throw money into a bucket and send it directly to the trainer.

Trainer Alf Archer said: “Christmas is all about getting presents. Don’t send the Salvation Army 19 quid - give it to us so we can get sports cars and strippers.”

“Trainers are practically scraping by on £400K a year. We’ll take 2p coins wrapped in chewing gum from off the floor; anything as long as it's not our money.”

“Make sure it's crisp wonga though: sh*t like hampers or cards will only end up in landfill."

Keith Vim from Mugbet said: “These poor horse racing trainers who only have one Landrover each are struggling to buy a fifth home. Bookmakers in Santa outfits will shake cash buckets at you while you’re desperately trying to watch the King George. Come and give us a wad. Ho ho ho!”

Punter Gareth Timms said: “None of my kids will have any Christmas gifts - my wallet’s reeling from all the donations.

“I haven’t even had a bet yet but there’s a whopping ten grand in the bucket on its way to one lucky trainer.

"It’s f*cking brilliant!”

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