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Betting blog ‘bullsh*t warnings’ have no effect



Bullsh*t warnings on betting blogs have no effect on punters whatsoever

Bullsh*t warnings’ on trainers’ and jockeys’ betting blogs do not work, researchers have found.

A study into warnings displayed on trainers’ bookie betting blogs – that they may be dangerous to punters’ finances – have absolutely no impact on the consumer whatsoever.

The 1-year analysis from Scutter University looked into caveats displayed on blogs written by bookmakers pretending to be trainers or jockeys.

Even though the blogs did warn gamblers about the ‘made up rubbish’, and ‘may contain bullsh*t’ the study found that in 92% of examined cases, punters took absolutely no notice.

Professor Gareth Timms, survey coordinator said: “Punters took no notice of the warnings. Not one word – you might as well have been speaking in tongues. However, in the punters’ defence the writing was upside down, back to front and in a foreign language.”

“The need for the blog to display a clear warning no less than 2% of the entire article size meant that it was like trying to read font size 3, ‘micropscopic’ writing, often in a pale coloured typeface.”

Maxwell Benson from Mugbet said: “Despite our warnings written in Sanskrit, no one gave a toss – everyone still enjoys losing money, which suits us fine.”

Worth over £150,000 per year, trainers’ betting blogs are an absolute godsend for high profile yards struggling to scrape by on £3 million per year prize money.

For bookmakers they are a perfect way to obtain photographic and promotional material from equine star sportsmen – and absolutely nothing to do with promoting false favourites or second favourites that have absolutely no chance.

Punter Gareth Timms said: “I’ve read the warnings – the trainer betting blogs are a brilliant way of losing cash. Read them and bet on what it says: you’re guaranteed VIP status in no time!”

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