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Budgie fuming after man lined cage with Racing Post



Budgie furious with man who lined cage with Racing Post
A budgie was fuming after his owner lined his cage with an old Racing Post

Budgie, Gareth Timms was fuming after his owner ran out of sandpaper sheets and lined his cage with yesterday’s Racing Post.

Timms said: “This is a f*cking outrage because I like to shit on something hard and luxurious that’s cut to fit my cage.

“It’s bad enough putting up with all the crap he fills my cage with, like mirrors, swings and bloody bells.

“Asking me 200 times who’s a pretty f*cking boy, I can tolerate but this is the last straw.”

“While I don’t particularly want Gerald Delamere’s face looking up at me from under my perch at night, being able to take a shit on those bookmaker adverts is a consolation.”

Owner Keith Vim said:“Aw look he definitely loves it because he’s trying to bite my finger, right through the bone – ow!”

“I’ll put some more in for him; wait why is he flying out of the window?”

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