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B*stard calls 7 false starts



Bastard calls 7 false starts
Awkward b*stard calls 7 false starts.

Racing at Scutter Park wouldn’t be the same without the horses and riders taking a thousand turns and a string of false starts being called.

But jobsworth Maxwell Benson outdid himself calling SEVEN false starts in the 2-mile ‘Transfer your Savings Now with Mugbet’ Handicap Hurdle.

Jockey Gareth Timms said: “That starter is off his head on drugs if he thinks he can get 30 super-charged, pumped up beasts to stand in a perfectly straight line.

“Making us walk in circles for half an hour then calling us back after two jumps for the sheer hell of it: you're off your head mate!

Starter, Mr Benson said: “When I get on my rostrum its like having super powers.

“I can command cities and levitate, but not before I make the little sh*ts walk round till they’re dizzy or sick, and get the favourite facing the wrong way before I drop the tapes.

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