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Bookmaking Rep tells TV viewers which losers to bet on



Bookmaking Rep tells TV viewers which losers to bet on
PR representative tells punters to bet on cherry-picked runners with flu, ringworm and foot-bruises.

Instead of peddling his daily tripe, Dik Venom from Mugbet TV was honest in telling viewers to bet on a selection of losers because he really needed the cash.

Venom said: “I’ve not told the truth for the last 45 years, and you’ve probably had your account closed by me – but hear me out.

“Lockdown hit us hard, so we’re almost skint. If you don’t lose today, I’ll be working at Poundland.

"We’ve worked tirelessly with our jockey and trainer ambassadors who’ve told us all the runners that can’t win.

“So, if you can, back the first five favourites on the card – they have flu, ringworm, foot bruises, diarrhoea and equine rabies – or any of the second favourites; they're all lame.

Punter Gareth Timms said: “I see your game Venom, trying to put us off all the favourites as usual.

"You must think we’re stupid - I’m doubling my stake!”

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