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Bookmakers shoot down in-running drones with rocket launchers

Bookmakers shoot down in-running drones with rocket launchers

Tony Titt



Bookmakers shoot down in-running drones with rocket launchers.

Sick of punters getting any financial edge whatsoever, on-course bookmakers have shot their in-running drones down with rocket launchers.

With in-running punters making an average profit of 36 pence after commission for a £25,000 bet from live drones pictures, bookmakers have taken serious umbrage at the ‘immoral, illegal technology’.

Dik Venom from Mugbet said: “Show me a punter who’s won three pence with an edge and I’ll blow him up with a bazooka myself.

"If these scumbags turn up here looking for a win, all I’m saying is that Rambo film didn’t end too well for the mercenaries.”

While this may sound extreme, 1950s independent bookmaker Dick Venom (father to the above) famously shot ‘each way thieves’ in the back with
a crossbow.

Bookmakers shoot down in-running drones with rocket launchers
Bookmakers shoot down drones that give a few in-running punters an edge

On-course bookmaker Keith Vim said: “Belt-fed miniguns on the roof can take care of anybody looking to rob our cash; we can annihilate winners before they even get out their cars.”

“If we could just blow up winning punters with Sherman tanks it would save everyone a lot of trouble.”

Punter Gareth Timms said: “I went to collect my non-runner on a Lucky 15 and 5 howitzers from the other side of the track beamed their infrared sights on my chest.

"I let them keep it.”

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