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Trainers paid by bookmakers fretting over compulsory period costumes



Trainers paid by bookmakers are anxious about compulsory period costumes.

UK trainers are ‘sick with worry’ after bookmakers approved a compulsory clause in Betting Ambassador contracts - to wear Victorian, Regency or Late-Georgian period costumes.

Trainer Tarquin Bibby, fretting about how racegoers will perceive his latest dress, said: “Walking canes and deluxe stockings? OK. But are wigs necessary?”

“If you see us, please don’t beat us up, just shoot us.”

Mugbet spokesman Harry Bore said: “We own you so you'll dress as we bloody well say.

"Trainers and jockeys in our pocket ain’t about that naff puffer-jacket life no more. Think less pom-pom hats and more Jane Austen.”

“We will set fire to their old clothes or dissolve them in acid. I will dress as the butler out of Downton Abbey.”

Horse Racing Trainers in the pay of bookmakers are feeling anxious about new compulsory period costumes.

“Ain’t about that naff puffer-jacket life no more” – Betting Ambassadors will now dress as bookmakers tell them

Jockeys, however, have no problem with the velour romper suits they are being forced to wear.

Racegoer Gareth Timms said: “A bloke dressed as Prince George III with white make-up and rouge offered me £200 to walk his horse to the ring in this ridiculous costume.

"I said I’d do it for free.”

Trainer Alf Archer, ambassador for Mugbet, wears his period costume even when not attending the races

Mugbet Ambassador, Trainer Alf Archer said: “These are my normal clothes b*tches!”

Mugbet Ambassador, trainer Alf Archer wears his costume even when not attending the races. Reclining on a chaise lounge, Archer said:

“Pantaloons? Stockings? These are my normal clothes b*tches!”

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