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“Winners welcome” – says bookmaker who refuses to pay out after 19 years



Bookmaker still not paid customer 'Sinndar to win the Derby' after 19 years

Punter Gareth Timms has waited 19 years to collect his £50 bet on ‘Sinndar to win the 2000 Derby’ at 7-1, but bookmaker Mugbet still refuses to pay him out.

Timms said: “I was a young man when I placed the bet. I’ve endured nine series of Call the f*cking Midwife – all 69 episodes.

"I’m old and grey now but Mugbet still owe me £400.”

Gareth Timms has waited 19 years, but bookmaker Mugbet refuses to pay his £50 bet on ‘Sinndar to win the 2000 Derby’.
Punter Gareth Timms hasn’t been paid for his bet on Sinndar to win the Epsom Derby 19 years ago

“The horse has been at stud for 18 years; the Jockey and trainer have both retired. The horse’s grandchildren are now running but I’m still waiting for my cash”.

“I’ve used their Resolver Service, but it just says ‘an agent will be with you in the next 50 years’.”

So far Mugbet has given no explanation to Timms, but told the Scutter to ‘mind [its] own business’.

Timms was a young man when he placed the bet
Gareth Timms, a young man when he placed the bet – now, old.

The competition watchdog has warned the bookmaker to end its unnecessary delays into settling winning online bets ‘or else’.

It follows complaints that the firm has been “clinging onto players’ money and making them suffer by causing unnecessarily long delays in settling winning bets”.

Leading betting firms have agreed to do f*ck all.

A spokesman for Gambling regulator told The Scutter: “Given that our 6-figure salaries come from the bookmakers, there’s not much we can do.”

“You'd best ask your citizens advice bureau, or a witch doctor.”

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