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Bookmaker makes PPE out of Betting Slips



Bookmaker makes PPE out of Betting Slips
Gravesend bookie uses Goliath betting slips to craft snazzy COVID face mask.

With face coverings compulsory for England’s shoppers as of 24th July, Mugbet CEO Keith Vim has revealed he has been crafting COVID-19 face masks from his company’s quick slips.

Despite the betting giant’s net revenues exceeding £1.7 billion, and a company profit of £149 million, Vim, 61, has saved valuable pennies during lockdown recycling old dockets.


A passionate environmentalist, Vim said: “Making a face mask from old slips we can do our bit to stop the spread of Corona and save the planet while still crushing punters.

“It’s dead easy to create a fashionable mask: grab, some rubber bands, a bit of sellotape, some staples, a few of your losing Union Jack tickets, then bingo!

“I got the idea when my Sheila says ‘ere Keith I can makes you a mask from some of them old pants of mine’.

"I says to her ‘leave it out Sheila, I ain’t breathing through that’ then I noticed how pretty our Goliath slips were.”


Vim’s thrifty advice has been very welcome by cash-strapped NHS departments. Frontline worker Tarquin Bibby commented on Mugbet's Twitter page:

“I’ve made a full-on Surgical Theatre Gown by stapling a thousand Lucky 15 losers together - thanks Keith!”

Nuclear plant worker, Gareth Timms also tweeted: “Thanks for the idea Keith, it’s amazing how strong Mugbet’s slips are - we’ve created the first chemical hazard suit from Midweek football coupons.

“The armed forces have been in touch and will be using them for WMD aftermath clean-ups."

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