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Bookmaker fined £3 million for serving lad with drawn-on beard



Betting watchdog fines bookmaker for serving 9-year old lad with a beard drawn on in Biro.

Betting giant Mugbet has been fined a whopping £3 million for serving an underage gambler ‘businessman’ whose only disguise was a briefcase and a beard scribbled on in blue BIC.

But the bookmaker protested its innocence, stating that on-duty betting shop manager, Keith Vim, 59, initially told the young scamp to get ‘on [his] bike’.

“He was fooling no one,” said Vim, “so I told him to get back to the Wacky Warehouse, or wherever he’d come from, then he left the shop.”

Sting Op

However, Timmy Thompson, 9, was working for the Betting Watchdog - employed to catch out bookmakers laying bets to underage gamblers.

Thompson, who attends St Peter’s Catholic Primary School in Gravesend, went back in the shop and persisted with getting his 6p yankee on with Vim, totalling 66 pence.

The young lad said, “If he didn’t take my bet the Watchdog man said he would run over my cat – Tiddles, who's fat and can hardly walk.”

“After an hour of crying the betting shop manager took my bet and told me to clear off.”

Proceeding to issue a £3 million fine to Mugbet, the Regulator paid young Timmy a bag of Maltesers for his trouble.

A Betting Watchdog Spokesman said: “Mugbet owe us three million quid - we need the cash.”

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