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Bookmaker clobbered pensioner for winning £21.50



Pensioner receives good duffing up for winning £21.50 

Betting giant Mugbet sent henchmen round to a pensioner's home address after he won £21.50 on a bet.

Placing his spare change of £7.82 on the 11-4 shot, Jimmy Jumpsuit, pensioner Burt Jackson, 79, won on the Kempton finale ‘Winners Definitely Not Welcome at Mugbet’ handicap.

However, when Mr Jackson was about to go out for Sunday lunch with his family to celebrate the next day, ‘enforcers’ paid him a visit.

“Three big, burly blokes came and asked me who I’d been talking to,” said Jackson. “I told them I put the last of my pension on a horse I fancied.

“They kicked my walking stick out from under me then clobbered me in front of my family and made me promise never to win again.”

Bookmaker clobbers pensioner for winning £21.50
"How are we supposed to pay trainers, jockeys, football teams, racing authorities, racecourses, sponsors, racing media, fly a helicopter and take home £290 million if Jackson wins £21.50?" - Dik Venom, Mugbet

Dik Venom, Mugbet spokesman said: “Jackson thought he could win, so we sent the boys round.

“We can deal with irritants in a number of ways, like not paying them for twenty years, or making them draw out the Bayeaux Tapestry.

“We’ve got trainers and jockeys to pay. Media outlets have got to have their advertising money. We’ve got to pay Gambling charities their 6-figure salaries.

Bookmaker clobbers pensioner for winning £21.50
Full recovery: Burt Jackson promises not to bet on any more winners

"We have a football club that needs its share and that bloke who can’t act needs his 200k.

“I’ve got to have my £290 million a year and a helicopter.

“How am I supposed to pay for all these if Burt f*ckin Jackson takes twenty one quid off us”

"So, someone better get that crowdfunding page ready. This is too stressful so I'm off to binge-watch a series of Call the Midwife."

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